Eating my own words on social media!

As someone who has spoken against the ills of social media, I am now ready to admit that the benefits of such internet sites may outweigh the costs. The reason being that I’ve been in Istanbul for a week now visiting family and trying to follow what exactly is going on ever since police started using tear gas and water cannons on peaceful protestors opposed to the downing of trees in Taksim’s Gezi Park. The story was so slow in coming from mainstream media in the early stages that I was glued to my connections on facebook to get to the heart of the matter.  And I continue to do so, especially after Turkey’s prime minister spoke out against social media in the same breath as he called the protestors a bunch of “capulcu”s (freeloader, hoodlum or any such low-class good-for-nothings)!
Here’s a well-written and interesting article I’ve found through my links on facebook:
And may I ask, why is it that the deputy PM Arinc spoke warmly about the death of the second casualty of the recent events but failed to mention the very first one: Mehmet Ayvalitas, barely 20 years old.  Is it because he was a member of Redhack (socialist hackers network) or because he was trampled to death by an unknown speeding car?